Board of Directors and Officers
Title/Mortgage Company inquiries, email:

President Kevin Knight 206-683-8140
Vice President Ken Beck 651-356-5208
Secretary Mischaon Eddington 801-633-4511
Email all Directors at:
Mailing Address: 6714 N Durfee Creek Rd.
                      Liberty, UT 84310

Treasurer Peggy Rebolledo
Board Assistant & Webmaster Patricia Allaire

The board meets at least quarterly and all residents are invited to attend. To include an item on the agenda, contact a board member (contact info listed above). Please be specific, come prepared and respect the alloted time on the agenda.

Next Regular Board Mtg - May 6, 2024 - Agenda
Annual Mtg (Fiscal Year 2023) - March 16, 2024 - Minutes & Presentation
Last Regular Board Mtg: February 5, 2024 - Minutes