Contact Form Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need to register?
    Our homeowners' privacy is very important. To ensure ONLY homeowners have access to the private pages of the site, they must register and have the registration validated.
  • Why are there private pages on the site?
    Any homeowner information that could jeopardize privacy or security (contacts, minutes, neighborhood watch plans, voting, etc.) is kept on private pages only accessible by homeowners that have registered and received a password.
  • What do HOA members vote on and is my vote by private ballot?
    In addition to annual board of director elections, the HOA votes on revisions to the Bylaws & CCRs. Periodically the board may also conduct a straw poll to get feed back before taking action. If you have registered on the website, you will be able to use your login credentials to vote online. Online votes are private. Votes that are not cast online (i.e. mail, fax or in person) have to be counted manually by the board and therefore not able to be cast as private.
  • What is the purpose of the "Display?" option adjacent to the individual contact fields?
    This allows individual homeowners flexibility on which information is provided to the board of directors vs. which information is available to other homeowners. For example, you may want the board to have access to a work phone or email for emergencies but do not want to provide that information to other homeowners. However, making emergency contact information available to other homeowners could prove valuable should they need to contact you in case they observe something unusual happening in or about your home or property.
  • If I choose NOT to display any of my contact information on the owners' private contact page, will I still have access to other owner's contact info?
    Yes, it is not necessary to have your information listed on the private owners-only contact page in order to access that page.
  • If I opt-in to the mailing lists, will I be bombarded with emails?
    No, if you do, contact the Webmaster.
    ~ The board emails will consist of annual assessments, alerts and updates on infrastructure items such as water and sewer, emergency items such as fire or crime and meeting materials and reminders. This mailing list is only accessible by the board so you can ensure any emails you receive via this list did indeed come from either the board or via the webmaster upon the boards request.
    ~ PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for providing any updates to your contact information (especially email ids) to the board. Once you have registered to receive electronic notices, you will NOT receive HOA information via regular postal mail. This greatly reduces HOA costs and provides you important HOA information on a timelier basis.
    ~ Homeowner emails are only to be used for information pertinent or valuable to other homeowners. Abuse of this list will not be tolerated.
  • What if I have other questions or concerns about the contact form or website?
    Email the Webmaster or visit the Board page to email the board of directors with any questions.